Monday, June 02, 2008


Amelie officially has experienced something I haven't: stitches due to an injury. Last Wednesday night, Amelie and I traveled to Maryland's Eastern shore with my parents to attend Amelie's cousin Patrick's high school graduation. We stopped at the Pepperidge Farm outlet, so my parents could stock up on low carb bread for my diabetic dad. A seemingly insignificant stop turned into quite an adventure. Amelie ran around what she called the "goldfish maze." Internally, I questioned whether or not she should be doing it, but noticed that no one else was in the store that she could run main concern in such instances. Her third or fourth trip through this maze turned quite tragic when she tripped and hit her head on a shopping cart.

Hole in forehead.

Not exactly what a mom wants to see on her little girl.

We were given a paper towel. A band aid. Some ice from the ice cream store nearby.

There was much wailing. And then, there was Milano therapy. For Mom and Amelie.

We attended the graduation as blood seeped out of the band aid. A phone call to Daddy and an appointment was made at Nighttime Pediatrics.

We arrived a little after 9:00pm and didn't get home until after 1:00am.

The next day, Amelie was her normal self except for the ever present band aid that was in the exact center of her forehead for the next several days.

Here are the girls enjoying wedding cake this past Saturday.

And Mommy and Amelie have fun on the dance floor.

Amelie ready to go strawberry picking with Bowie Grandma and Grandpa.
So you see, life went on. It just included a little plastic bandage for five days.

And then, we went to have the stitches removed this afternoon. Here's Amelie in the doctor's office, just before they were taken out. I realized I didn't have any pictures of the stitches themselves, so I threw the camera in my bag on the way out the door.
And now, healing continues. A scar will form. Will fade, becoming a distant memory. A story to tell.


Lynn said...

Poor, sweet girl!!! Looks like she is still her happy self though.

CA Skellys said...

Beth got stitches in the same place (ran into a wall). I mourned for days that it was somehow my fault and I had permanently scarred my beautiful daughter's perfect face (mind you, I didn't care when Jason had stitches a year earlier, how sexist am I?). Anyway, point is...her hair now covers what miniscule scar still remains and I never notice it. And good job for getting the picture, possibly the only evidence you'll have years from now that it even happened.

Anonymous said...

man, that looks killer! tough girl!