Saturday, March 08, 2008

Where she at?

Why hasn't Nancy been posting? Why hasn't she been commenting on my blog? Where she at?
I've got two words for you:

I'm attempting to put up my very first e-bay auctions and it's WAY more work than I realized. I'm trying to sell a boatload of the girls' clothes. I have a friend that successfully dresses her children in very cute clothes (we're talking Hanna Andersson, Gymboree, Janie and Jack, etc.) practically FOR FREE, since she shops sales and then sells the stuff on e-bay once her kids have outgrown it. Since I've been bitten by the Gymboree bug, I've decided to give it a whirl. So, until these auctions are up and running, don't expect to see me around here or over your way, for that matter. Well, maybe I'll check in on you, but I won't be leaving a comment, that's for sure. Or, maybe...

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Anonymous said...

huzzah for ebay! i use it to buy/sell/recycle my vintage sewing patterns all the time.