Wednesday, December 19, 2007

That's My Girl

After a day chock full of fun that included, but wasn't limited to cleaning up bedding that Violet vomited on and then slept in all night and taking Linus to the doctor for the third time in 5 days to find out that he has RSV (we were sent home with a nebulizer to be used every 3-4 hours and two oral meds.), we were treated to Amelie's first ever Christmas program. Upon her telling me that she wasn't going to do it, that she'd sit with me instead, I assured her that while she didn't need to sing (although it'd be great if she did), she DID need to stand with her class when it was their turn. Well, why don't you watch the video to see how she did.

(Above is the picture of Amelie walking down the aisle at the beginning of the program. She's supposed to be walking next to the little boy, but he practically had to drag her down the whole way. That should give you an indication of what you'll see on the video!)

That's my girl! She didn't open her mouth once! She obeyed her mama and stood with her class. I can't even tell you what a big deal this was to my attention-hating little girl! We are SO PROUD of her!!


Megan said...

Can't wait to see the video. I might get around to posting some from Ella's school program someday. Just a reminder that I'm linking to you for Sharing Christmas tomorrow - even though after the week you seem to be having you might not be up for it! Let me know if you don't want me to - but even if you get a tree picture up it's worth it!

Annie said...

So sorry to hear about the RSV (as well as the vomit! -- YUCK!!) Hopefully it will all be out of the way by Christmas! Looking forward to the video and pictures of Linus in glasses! :)

Unknown said...

way to go amelie!!! i know how hard that can be. zoe is more of a showboat (like the little girl in red on the end) but i know tessa will be just like amelie!!

we've had our nebulizer going too. isn't it fun??? merry christmas to you! (i love the house photos!)

Sweet November said...

I think I would have done what Amelie did if I saw those spastic other kids up there. The video is so precious. I think I've made a comment like this before but I just can't help thinking about how Amelie is going to get a real kick out of these things 15 years from now when she's long past her fear of attention.

Lynn said...

So sweet! Way to get up there and be part of the group Amelie!!! At least she didn't do anything embarrassing! Cute outfit too!