Sunday, March 25, 2007

i'm baaa-aaack...i think

The title is in lower-case letters, because I'm really not sure. But, I've hit 14 weeks into this pregnancy and I think I'm starting to feel better. I seem to have more frequent bursts of energy, at the very least. The following is a list of things going on with us these days, that I've thought about using as a topic for blogging. So, let's play catch-up:
1. Violet is walking, falling A LOT, but getting better every day.
2. Amelie is pretty well potty trained during the day and seems to wet the bed at least once a week, but has started waking up because of it, which is a step in the right direction, I believe.
3. Violet has gotten her two top front teeth in the last month, so that she now has a total of 4!
4. Speaking of teeth, Amelie went to the dentist for the first time last week and did so well, that she almost made her mama cry because she was so proud.
4. Violet's language is exploding, and we're amazed each day, as her understanding of what we say to her.
5. After visiting the ice rink with Grandma and Grandpa back in February, Amelie decided she wanted to ice skate. So for four Thursday, half-hour sessions, she'll be giving it a whirl in April.
6. Violet has finally reached 20 pounds, so we can turn her car seat around, which we'll do...
7. when we get our new van tomorrow! We bought an 8-seater 2005 Toyota Sienna. Amelie seems even more excited than her parents. ("This is the best car I've ever seen! I LOVE this car!!")
8. We've decided to enroll Amelie in pre-school, for the Fall (Tuesdays and Thursdays, for 9-12).
9. Violet has discovered the fun of the stairs! She's had to be disciplined because of it. She's quite the heart breaker, after she's been told NO with a stern voice.
10. I'm going to our church's Women's Retreat this coming weekend, which will be my first night away from Violet Ella (who was completely weaned about a month ago) *sigh*

Those are the biggies for us right now. We're plugging along at this thing called life, with many great successes and plenty of failures along the way. I hope this finds you well, dear reader. Thanks for coming back.


Sweet November said...

wow, weaning, walking, ice skating, new much going on. thanks for the update! Can't use you as my example of people with kids without a minivan anymore...:( Oh, and watch out with the ice skating, in that it might catch on and you'll be getting up for 4am practices 5 days a week!

Nancy said...

Yeah, but you can still say you know this family that was expecting their third child before they bought their minivan. I mean, where are we supposed to put number 3? With the size of car seats these days, there's no way one more would fit. My mom always talks about how they had three kids and VW bug...but no car seats! If it were up to me, we'd have three kids in the Saturn, if we could. But those pesky car seat laws won't allow for such a thing. (Not to mention we can't have any "extra" passengers in our current car. Grandma and/or Grandpa have to drive separately whenever they go somewhere with the four of us. How much fuel is being saved then, I wonder?) Thanks for reading, by the way, and commenting, Mrs. E!! We should get together soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey - I had 3 kids for 8 years before I got a mini van!!!
You will love it!

Nancy said...

I already love it and it hasn't even been ours for 48 hours! I do keep wondering who's here when I see it in our driveway, however.