Saturday, October 29, 2005

A More Focused Focus

My husband has been bugging me about posting. He claims that there are hundreds, maybe even thousands or millions of blogs out there with one or two posts...left abandoned in cyberspace pergutory. Quite honestly, after I began this blog, I have had a hard time of thinking about what I should write. Everything seems trite or unimportant. The majority of my life is consumed by my toddler, since raising her is my full time job. When I started this blog, I wasn't anticipating writing about my experiences of motherhood, but why not? So, I guess, that will be the focus. I'll write when I can and I'll probably write about her. Is this ok with everyone? (Can you tell I'm a people pleaser?)

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soyChapin said...

Why don't you also let us know what "reformed christianity" means? As in your itnerests, and share a story or two about teaching Spanish!