Sunday, March 04, 2007

A Potpourri of Pictures

A smattering of what I took off the camera and organized on the computer this weekend. Enjoy.

Amelie and friends napping on the stairs.

Amelie's 3rd Birthday (after dinner, STILL in pjs, since she was sick =( )

Amelie sledding down the hill between ours and William's yard

Violet's first birthday party

Violet eating her birthday cupcake. (I'm not a fan of the 1 year old going at the whole cake.)


Anonymous said...

In case anyone is wondering, we don't normally allow Amelie to nap on the stairs.

It's only when she's really good.

chrissie k said...

so beautiful. i was wondering if she truly is napping... aye?

Anonymous said...

i think amelie is ready for the luge. you should start timing her. btw nancy, i clicked on your little birthday counter to see where you got it (only i'll be counting days until disney, shallow, i know) and i discovered a "trying to concieve" counter on that site. is this too much info for anyone else? goodness gracious!

Anonymous said...

Love Amelie's birthday pjs!!

Anonymous said...

@chrissie k

Not napping. I happen to know that the picture was staged. It's a fake!

chrissie k said...

An Outrage!! A FAKE!!!

i would post it too.

like you guys a lot.